Monday, March 21, 2011


Mestre Wilson
Minol receiving his 2nd degree

Thrown by Mestre Wilson

Surprise- Esther receiving her black belt

Jacinta receiving her blue belt

Mestre Wilson with his Black Belts @ training
First training of the Brazil trip turned out an eventful night.  Minol was given his second  degree from Mestre Wilson, Esther was given her black belt, and Jacinta was presented her blue belt.  Unlucky for her, she was thrown over 10 times and no one took it easy on her (except Esther).  she then had to run the gauntlet where whe was whipped by a heap of belts.  What an amazing experience to be training with Master Wilson!  Along for the ride is Andrew and five of his students from the USA. In this photo 1 red belt, 1 red and black belt and 9 black belts. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Girls Class

I'm glad to see that our club's girls class is growing,
and now with a new blue belt.

Congratulations Rachael!