Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grand Master Wilson

Wilson Pereira Mattos
Born on the 14th of April of 1951, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, resident in the neighbourhood of Padre Miguel. Master Wilson, a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu began his journey on the 22nd of April 1956, at  5 years of age.  Since the beginning and from then on, always training under Grand Master Fadda.
Wilson was considered a student of a lot of energy with a strong temper, difficult to be tamed in the gym where he had many fights and was suspended many times. Wilson says that he deserved every suspension but Fadda always made him come back, driven by Gregory (the owner of the gym). Wilson and today is considered a great example in the community of jiu-jitsu and he says that: “everything I have is because of jiu-jitsu”.
In the old days many academies promoted their students according to the performance of fights within the academy. The Fadda academy was no different.  Wilson recalls that he needed to beat 10 brown belts to receive his black belt,  "Everything was very difficult for me, I won competitions but it wasn't enough."

Black Belt

In 1970, at 18 year-old he receives his black belt from Grand Master Oswaldo Fadda. Wilson says that Fadda never believed  that he would be able to achieve such a feat and that motivated him even more to continue training. So after the black belt came another challenge that was to be a great teacher. Wilson says that in the same year he began teaching classes in the  student club in Realengo, where he formed a team of students who defeated Fadda's own students at an inter-club competition.  This now proved that there were no more challenges for Wilson and he received much praise from Fadda.

Red and Black Belt

In 1995 Wilson receives the red and black belt granted by CBJJ.  During a trip to Sao Paulo   for a competition, the ceremony took place at the Bonsai Academy, coordinated by Professor Adilson Souza.  On this day Wilson makes an oath to himself: "No student of mine should go through what I have to be promoted, but I require dedication-yes,  and the problem should never be financial.  I'll never look down to the belt, I will always look up because the belt for me is to keep the gi closed, nothing else. ".
Wilson always say:" if you have love for jiu-jitsu that will be eternal and when we love, we do not betray.  If the problem is the money, I'm betraying.  If I'm betraying I wrap my kimono and throw it on top of the wardrobe.  I'll always be that way in my path, love jiu-jitsu. Try to make those who pass by my hand as disciples because today is very hard to hear this word, Disciples!

Red Belt

In 2009 the Confederation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Sports (CBJJE) come to recognize his 9th degree and Wilson receives from the hands of President Moiseis Murad his red belt and the title of Grand Master.  Congratulations Master Wilson.  This page of Equipe Mestre Wilson Jiu-Jitsu is dedicated to students, friends, fighters and family members who know our master “Wilson Mattos”.  Better known as “Shihan”,  our master, still teaching classes, devoting his entire life to our sport Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  Our club is recognised nationally and internationally in many federations and with academies in the United States, Australia, Portugal and Japan.