Sunday, December 16, 2012

Master Wilson and Fernando visiting Australia

So we had the "General" of our club Grand Master Wilson with one 
of his best student's Fernando visiting Australia  for 3 weeks.
It was an amazing experience for all of us having a Red Belt 
on the mats and to have the very first Red Belt to visit Australia.  
The schedule was very tight from when they arrived with seminars, 
competition and classes.  Everything went well and most importantly 
they had a great time!  We'll plan to bring them both again next
 year so stay tuned.  
Here is some pics of classes, seminars and Pan Pacs 2012.

First light casual "roll" at Evolve MMA

Seminar at Evolve MMA 

Fernando gets gold medal at the Pan Pacific 2012

Seminar at Roots Jiu-Jitsu Bexley, Sydney 

 Toni receive his purple belt

Minol has the honor to keep his Master's belt

Keeping it with pride

Some of the crew for the 2012 Pan Pacific E.M.W.J.J.A team

 Kids Class in Tasmania
Adult class in Tasmania

Training at Evolve MMA, Lil' Minol wrestling with Phil while 
Estella tries a single leg on Master Wilson

Photo shooting for Blitz Magazine

Grand Master Wilson 9th degree red belt

I want to thank everyone who helped and contributed, making it possible for 
Master Wilson and Fernando to come to Australia.  I wont name you all but here is a big