Thursday, May 9, 2013

Grading day and Tyson's farewell

On the 28th April we had our new club very first grading.
It was a great day and congratulations to:
Minol Jr. for his Grey/White belt,
Ally, Ali, Liam, Leigh and John for their blue belt.
John who is Tyson's dad came from Sydney
and he is our affiliated club there, 
so if you guys go to Sydney for something be sure to pay a visit there. 
It's great to see that our club is expanding in Australia.

Minol Jr. doing a self defense demo 
(check our facebook page for the video)




Tyson and his Dad John

It was all happy news for some who got graded but we also had to say good-bye to one very special student: Tyson Pedro.
Tyson has been with us for a year and a bit and he is an Australian Army Officer.
He achieved many things with us and won some important comps as well.
Unfortunately the Army posted him to Brisbane so he can continue his mission there. 
The good news is we (Master Wilson and Minol) gave permission for Tyson to take classes under EMWJJA even though he is a blue belt (and a very good one). 
He went away but still part of this club!

Good Luck on your new journey Tyson! 
And come visit us as much as you can.