Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Club Paintball Game

On Saturday the 11th of January we had our long awaited club activity- PAINTBALL!  It was a great day for everyone (well that's debatable) and it was great to have Josh and Gemma come up from Hobart to join in the fun.  Paintball bought out everyone's true colours and we discovered that the majority of people on the RED team are actually cheaters and dishonest when it comes to getting shot (yeah you know who you are!!).  We also discovered that Minol despite being on the same team as his wife took a lot of enjoyment from shooting her in the free for all shoot out AND ordering the other team to shoot her when she was the sole survivor.  We also discovered, wait for it, this was the highlight of the day- that Toni is in fact Jason's father.  (Um yeah not true but made for a laugh). Seriously, who doesn't love paintballing?!!

Getting psyched.


The aftermath (all still smiling!)