Friday, April 25, 2014

2014 Victorian Jiu-Jitsu Championship Results

Big shout out to all members 
who competed at the Vic Cup this year. 
Regardless the results, we're heading on the right direction.
Hope everyone enjoyed the competition and keep training hard for the next one.
Our club ended up in 8th place in the Adults with 50 points and 11th place in the kids with 17 points out of 35 clubs, which is pretty good considering the low numbers from our club that competed.

Here is the medallists from our club:

Kids/Junior/Juvenile All Belts:

Grabriel Lancefield
28Kg Gi - Bronze

Rocco Bresciano
20Kg Gi - Gold 

Issa Ahmad
Over 66Kg 14yo Gi - Silver

Moustafa Sidawi
71Kg Junior 16yo Gi - Bronze
71Kg Junior 16yo NoGi - Silver

White Belts:

Anthony Tooks
Open Weight Master 2  Gi - Gold

Pat Lam
Over 97Kg Adult Gi - Gold

Joshua Andrews
85Kg Adult Gi - Bronze
85Kg Adult NoGi - Silver

Blue Belts:

Tyson Read 
61Kg Adult Gi - Silver
61Kg Adult NoGi - Gold

Ali Ahmad
73Kg Adult Gi - Silver

Purple Belts:

Toni Lozanovski
91Kg Master 1 Gi - Bronze

Black Belts:

Paul Sayers
79Kg Master 2 Gi - Silver
79Kg Master 2 NoGi - Silver