Friday, October 31, 2014

Asian Cup 2014

We would like to wish good luck to Professor Minol, Toni, Tyson and John (Tyson's dad who will come for support) who will be going to Japan to compete at the IBJJF Asian Cup 2014.

Tyson and his dad in the middle

Toni and Minol


Pan Pacific 2014 Results

Happy with our team performance at the Pan Pacs this year!
We've only entered with few students and most of them got a medal.
We would like to thank the friends and family members who came to support our club on the day and of course our competitors.

Some of the crew

Issa got silver!

Myke got silver!

Habib got bonze in NoGi!

Minol Jr. and Rocco both got gold!

Toni got bronze!

Ben got gold!

There is some photos missing with more students medals but you can check the full results on the AFBJJ website.